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Development Trend of Instruments
Visit:441 Date:2019-04-02
Regarding the development trend of instruments, our x has always emphasized that “scientific and technological innovation”, “scientific and technological powers”, “big country heavy equipment” and “instrument sharing” are enough to see the country’s emphasis on the development of instruments. Advances in science and technology continue to place higher demands on instrumentation. The trend of instrumentation is to continuously use new working principles and adopt new materials and new components, such as the use of ultrasonic, microwave, ray, infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance, superconducting, laser and other principles and the use of a variety of new semiconductor sensitive components, Integrated circuits, integrated optical circuits, optical fibers and other components. Its purpose is to achieve miniaturization of instrumentation, reduce weight, reduce production costs and make it easier to use and repair. Another important trend is to improve the performance of instrumentation through the use of microcomputers, and to automate the instrumentation itself, the degree of intelligence and data processing capabilities. Instrumentation is not only for single use, but may be combined with standard interfaces and data channels and electronic computers to form a comprehensive test control management system to meet higher requirements.

The instrumentation industry is a new type of industry developed in China. At the same time as international standards, China's instrumentation industry has made great room for improvement in order to have the strength to compete with the international.

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