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How does the instrumentation industry get a piece of the 50 billion AI market?
Visit:434 Date:2019-04-02
Relevant experts predict that the scale of China's artificial intelligence market will exceed 50 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 47%.
Practical application
Machine vision, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, retina recognition, iris recognition, palmprint recognition, expert system, automatic planning, intelligent search, theorem proving, game, automatic programming, intelligent control, robotics, language and image understanding, genetics Programming, etc.
Application field
Machine translation, intelligent control, expert systems, robotics, language and image understanding, genetic programming robot factory, automated programming, aerospace applications, huge information processing, storage and management, execution of hybrids, incapable of execution or complex or large scale Tasks and so on.

The instrumentation industry can enter the field of artificial intelligence from two aspects.
Develop core components of artificial intelligence products
Artificial intelligence is a new technical science that studies and develops theories, methods, techniques, and application systems for simulating, extending, and extending human intelligence. From its definition, its research is inseparable from the simulation of human organs, including brain logic thinking, memory storage, vision, hearing, and sports. The instrumentation industry can make breakthroughs in these areas, find opportunities to promote the development of artificial intelligence, and develop corresponding products, such as mature sensor technology, retinal mapping technology and information storage technology, to help artificial intelligence move to a higher level.
Application of artificial intelligence technology to improve instrumentation
Artificial intelligence is not so much a product, but rather a technology. Therefore, in any intelligent instrumentation, it can cut into the mature application that artificial intelligence has already achieved, thus helping the instrument to improve its technology. The function is more perfect and more humanized, thus providing users with better use effect. In this way, the sales results of the instrumentation industry can be realized from another aspect.

The instrumentation industry can develop core components in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as improve the functionality of its products by applying its proven technology. In any case, "marriage" with artificial intelligence is already the only way to solve the bottleneck of industry development, and it is also an inevitable trend of industry development. How to get your own piece in the 50 billion big cake, seize the opportunity is the key, make full use of the superior resources. On the one hand, we must make good use of the support of national policies and investment in the capital market, on the other hand, we must continue to conduct independent research and development and control of core technologies.

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