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CISILE Science Instrument Exhibition opened in Beijing, witnessing the fruitful achievements of science instrument industry
Visit:245 Date:2019-04-01
Approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, hosted by the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, the 17th China International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (CISILE 2019, hereinafter referred to as “Keyi Exhibition”) hosted by Beijing Langpu Exhibition Co., Ltd. Opening at the Beijing National Convention Center, it brought a feast for the exchange of scientific instruments and achievements to the professional audience.

Well-known scientific instrument companies debut

In the 25,000-square-meter exhibition hall, more than 700 exhibitors from all over the country, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as the United States, Russia, France, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Niger, Qatar and other regions at home and abroad. The company brought new products and new projects to Beijing. The exhibitors carried out product promotion and brand information release activities through various lectures, sound and light show, physical experience and interactive activities.

As the exhibitor who participated in the exhibition for the first time, the UV-visible spectrophotometer and micro-spectrophotometer brought by KLAB from South Korea became a highlight of the exhibition equipment and equipment exhibition area. According to Han Xiangde, president of KLAB, the micro spectrophotometer, as a new product developed by the company, pays more attention to the convenience of operation. It can easily, quickly and accurately measure nucleic acids and proteins with a minimum volume of 0.5μL and a minimum concentration of 7500ng/μL ds DNA. . Because of the small size of the device, it can be equipped with a small device of the main control type, without the need for a separate computer. The micro-spectrophotometer has a built-in touch LCD panel and is easy to operate, so it is widely used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical, chemical analysis, food, environmental and material testing. When talking about the development of KLAB in the Chinese market, Han Xiangde said very sincerely that at present, KLAB is still in the early stage of exploration in China. It is very hopeful that it will be able to learn from each other and learn from each other through this exhibition. Results.

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