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Future Trend of Intelligent Instruments
Visit:206 Date:2019-04-01
In recent years, the instrumentation industry has continued to develop rapidly. The development of pressure switches in the power, chemical, steel and other industries is closely linked with the development of instrumentation. The rise of new energy, aircraft manufacturing and Internet of Things has brought the development of the instrumentation industry. A vast space.

With the development of science and technology, the instrumentation industry will move towards miniaturization of digitalization, intelligence and networking. As China's manufacturing industry is facing a pattern change, the intelligence of the instrument is particularly important. Not long ago, the “Twelve-Five Development Roadmap for Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry” drafted by the Equipment Industry Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was announced. Among them, the core intelligent measurement and control devices and components in the field of smart meters mentioned that it is important to develop intelligent temperature, pressure, flow, level, heat, industrial online analytical instruments, intelligent variable frequency electric actuators, intelligent valve positioners and high reliability. Actuator.

A large number of new devices such as VLSI, surface mount technology (SMT), multi-layer board printing, wafer-scale integration (WSI) and multi-chip modules (MCM) are used in the instrumentation, CAD Computer aids such as CAM, CAPP, and CAT have enabled new technologies such as multimedia technology, human-computer interaction, fuzzy control, and artificial neural networks to be widely used in modern instrumentation.

Domestic and foreign manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the development of intelligent instruments. A variety of intelligent instruments and meters have been introduced to the market one after another, and instruments and meters are undergoing profound and intelligent changes.

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